Entrepreneurship Track

at the 8th International ACM Web Science Conference 2016

15:30 – 16:30 Key Note Speech

Prof. Dr. Reza Asghari

Chair in Entrepreneurship, Technische Universität Braunschweig

16:30 – 17:00 Coffee Break

17:00 – 18:30 Startup Stories: From Science to Business

Anna Gubanova, founder and CEO, betatestr

Test it before you make it!

We live in a century of ideas. However, only few of them get a chance to survive on the market. Main reasons for that are often a lack of feedback from potential users and an insufficient number of early adopters. With betatestr we want to change it and bring together ideas and people looking for new solutions.

Anna Gubanova is a PhD student at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. She is doing her research in the field of critical mass and startups and at the same time teaches entrepreneurship in IT at the University of Applied Science and Arts in Hannover und co-organizes Fuckup Nights in Hannover. In 2014 due to her research and observations of the startup scenes in several European countries, she founded betatestr, an online platform for a prototype-test. 


Nikolaus Pohle, Division Director, Software Engineering, Lead Architect GXL,GfK

From UX to MRX: The Pivot of a Web Science Technology Start Up

nurago was founded in 2007 to move Web Usability Research out of the UX Lab and into a SaaS business model. Ideas for new use cases mushroomed when market research practitioners learned about the capabilities to observe longitudinal true-intent web behavior of tens of thousands of participants. Along the way, nurago outgrew several offices and scaled its infrastructure and business globally together with GfK.

Nikolaus Pohle has been GfK nurago’s Managing Director Technologies since 2007. In his function as CTO he has supervised product management, software development and operations. With 13 years of experience in Software Development and seven years in Web Analytics and Online Research, Niko keeps track of ongoing developments in the market and is an active member of DGOF (German Online Research Association). He has a strong focus on Applied Data Science and Big Data Technologies and graduated in both Media Science and Computer Science.


Matthias Pfau, founder and CEO, Tutao GmbH

Tutanota: Encrypting the world

Tutanota is a market leader and the world's most innovative security company. Tutanota was the first web based end-to-end encryption system. We pioneered easy-to-use and secure email encryption for Android, iOS and Microsoft Outlook. Now we are building the fully encrypted communication platform of the future. With our open source project Tutanota we aim at making the web open, secure and accessible for everyone.

Freedom fighter. Matthias co-founded a startup that is completely focused on re-establishing privacy for anyone. His aim is to make end-to-end encryption completely seamless. Fully encrypted communication, sharing and storage of all your data from files to calendar becomes a breeze with Tutanota. Matthias advocates privacy and hates all big brother alike companies.


Britta Görtz, Head of Marketing, Qabel GmbH

Qabel - The first all-in-one solution for encryption

After the secret service scandal, a brief murmur went round the world - but nothing more. The benefits of the digital free world are too diverse, and encryption tools seem too unusable. Some countries are even thinking about prohibiting encryption in the name of "security".

Emerged from a project of Hanover based praemandatum GmbH, the approach of Qabel GmbH has set itself a variety of challenges when it comes to technology, licensing and monetisation and offers private individuals, open-source developers and companies the opportunity to make the platform their own. Qabel isn't a new product, it's no new Cloud or the 20th "secure" instant messaging app. Qabel is a platform which can be used for all applications instead of being application-specific and which anyone can freely use and develop. The goal is to make encryption and metadata obfuscation the norm instead of them remaining the exception. Qabel invites Open Source developers to collaborate, companies to dock their existing services onto the platform, other crypto-affine individuals and companies to join forces and users in a business and private environment to regain control over their data. For our damned freedom

Men as measure of all things - since 2011 Britta Görtz has been operating under this slogan, coordinating the marketing activities of praemandatum GmbH and Qabel GmbH since its foundation in 2014. Born 1977 in Hannover, Diplom-Engineer Britta Görtz has 17 years of hands-on marketing agency experience and expert knowledge in the area of Key Account Management. The interdisciplinary interaction of IT, technology, ethics, law and marketing prompt her to develop marketing measures for both; customer projects and in-house brands. She also spoke about the "Democratic Work" on the re:publica 2015 and published multiple articles on various topics.