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Business Startup Summer School

The Summer School will provide graduates, postgraduates, and postdocs with a 5-day intensive overview about (social-) entrepreneurship. They will have the opportunity to get an insight in different areas, questions and issues related to starting and planning a business. In a group of 8-12 participants we will discuss ideas and innovations, use creative techniques like Design Thinking and create business models with the Business Model Canvas. The participants will get to know more about the challenges that an entrepreneur is confronted with on a daily basis. They will learn about the duties and responsibilities of a professional life and if starting a business might be a potential career path for them. An interactive learning group will be created by discussing individual questions, experiences and opinions. In a mixture of theory and exercises the participants will have the chance to develop their own business model. In a university environment we will learn, work and have a good time. On the last day of the week we will have a barbecue together.


  • Becoming familiar with entrepreneurial thinking, action and discovering own entrepreneurial talents.
  • Motivation to experience self-employment
  • Gaining specific knowledge on economics and entrepreneurship
  • Creating a own business model and business plan


  • Overview of the entire process of starting a business
  • Creative techniques like Design Thinking
  • Creating business models with the Business Model Canvas
  • Constructive feedback
  • Redesign ideas and business models in groups with supervision from the coaches
  • Create business models & validations
  • Planning & Business Plan
  • Research & Marketing
  • Finance & Support
  • Targeting & Controlling
  • Law & foundation of an enterprise
  • Tax & Insurance
  • Soft skills
  • Powerful pitching

Instructor: Andreas Voss, Concis Group

The course is preferably for graduates, postgraduates and postdocs at L3S and associated departments and for those free of charge.

Participants from other institutes are welcome. The institute has to confirm to pay a fee of 170 Euro via internal rebooking.

Please register until 21 August 2015

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