Entrepreneurship Talk

How having a startup can enhance a PhD-thesis and how a global company supports women entrepreneurs

Anna Gubanova, Entrepreneur and Doctorate

How Having a Startup Can Enhance a PhD-Thesis

Anna Gubanova juggles with her PhD thesis about achieving a critical mass by startups, her part-time job as a scientific assistant at the University of Applied Science Hannover and her own startup. For her, Startups are more than just a topic of the PhD, it is an incredible world full of learning-by-doing experience, its own philosophy and everyday discoveries.


Anahit Pivazyan, Executive Assistant to President Europe & Africa Birla Carbon

Consulting for Women Entrepreneurs

Anahit Pivazyan will introduce Birla Carbon, the world's largest manufacturer of carbon black. The regional senior management team at Birla Carbon, with extensive international business experience in the industrial sector, will provide free consultations for entrepreneurial women. Learn more about this global player and its helpful offer at our talk.

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