Going New Ways

Workshop "Design Thinking and Business Models"

The Design Thinking and Business Model Workshop is for participants who look for ways to apply to their own business model. After this workshop you will have the know-how about a practical visual language to describe, challenge and design business models and be able to apply it. You will learn about examples of business model innovations, ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500 companies and social entrepreneurship ventures. In this workshop we will go new ways to approach business opportunities and business models. We will create new ideas and efficient start- up Business Models by focusing your knowledge on how to solve issues that your costumers are confronted with. You will be able to explore and construct business models by using “Design Thinking” and customer development to boost future growth. The Workshop will be a mixture of presentation, Q&A and exercises.


  • Understanding for business models and why they are important today
  • Insight into a series of case studies across industries
  • Exploring and constructing business models by using “Design Thinking” and customer development to boost future growth
  • Knowledge about the value of proposition canvas and the empathy card
  • Becoming familiar with (social-) entrepreneurial thinking and action as well as discovering own entrepreneurial talents.


  • Overview of the entire process of starting a business without a business plan by using the Business Model Canvas
  • Introduction into business model thinking as a strategic tool
  • Using the Business Model Canvas with introductory examples
  • Business Models in large organizations, start-ups and social entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking for business model innovations
  • Visual thinking & other methods
  • Creating business models with the Business Model Canvas
  • Insight in how to test business models with "Customer Development" and "Lean Startup" processes
  • Redesigning ideas and business models in groups with supervision from the coaches
  • Powerful pitching

Instructor: Andreas Voss, Concis Group

The course is preferably for graduates, postgraduates and postdocs at L3S and associated departments.

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