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Intra-/Entrepreneurship Workshop

The development of new products and services is fundamental to sustain long-term competitive advantages. The efforts of the individual intrapreneur or a team of intrapreneurs who are responsible for this assignment become even more complex when the assignment must be carried out inside an existing on-going business.

The intrapreneurship workshop is designed to help analyze, understand, develop and manage the process of developing new ideas, products and services in companies and environments within the company’s ecosystem that are or may become entrepreneurial environments. Participants will also learn techniques to develop a 2 - 3 minute succinctly elevator pitch to present a concept to a company senior manager. In teams the participants will assemble a business model canvas and a strategy for a simulated business. The workshop will be a mixture of presentation, Q&A and exercises


  • Becoming familiar with intra- and entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • Understanding what an entre- and intrapreneur is and what the benefits and the responsibilities are
  • Learn how to manage a new venture within an existing company in ways that allow it to succeed, make profit and to continue to grow.
  • Understand how to put together a business canvas or plan and presenting it to the company’s board of directors.
  • Learn how to overcome various financial, economic and political barriers and succeed with a new idea in an existing environment.


  • Overview of the entire process of starting a business and products
  • Overview about intra- and entrepreneurship
  • Creative techniques like Design Thinking
  • Creating and developing products and services within a company
  • Motivation to explore an entrepreneurial thinking in a company
  • Using the companies knowledge about costumers and markets as strategic advantage
  • Creating business models
  • Redesign ideas and business models in groups with supervision from the coaches
  • Powerful pitching
  • Gaining specific knowledge on economics and intrapreneurship

Instructor: Andreas Voss, Concis Group

The course is preferably for postgraduates and postdocs at L3S and associated departments. Graduate students or postgraduates and postdocs from other faculties of Leibniz Universität Hannover are also welcome to apply.

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